Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Roman Coins on Small but ‘Vital’ Island

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Roman Coins on Small but ‘Vital’ Island

Blockparty coin news

Blockparty, an event ticketing protocol and NFT marketplace, was launched in 2017 by Thapa along with Shiv Madan and Vladislav Ginzburg. Since then, he has decided that if he notices something that could potentially gain traction in the future, he will invest even if there is no guarantee of its success. “We have so far identified three rooms in the building…plus three areas of paving which may be courtyards,” Jason Monaghan from Dig Alderney, who is leading the project, told Newsweek. “The Roman land surface is where we found two coins. The Valens coin dates to around the period we think the fort was built.”

This Week in AI: OpenAI moves away from safety

If it achieves market leadership, early investors stand to benefit greatly, with a potential for 100x gains or more. Interested investors need to move quickly, as the WAI price will rise when the presale hits $2.7 million. With a market cap of around $2.7 billion, gains of more than 5-10x this bull market are unlikely, however. Bitcoin has been stuck in the $60,000s since hitting record highs near $74,000 in March.

Crowds pack downtown SLO as block party celebrates Lunar New Year with drone light show – San Luis Obispo Tribune

Crowds pack downtown SLO as block party celebrates Lunar New Year with drone light show.

Posted: Sun, 11 Feb 2024 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Blockparty launches digital collectibles for art, sports, and music

The WIF price was last around $2.68, down sharply from its March record highs around $4.86. One of the votes focused on burning excess tokens recovered from the blacklisted wallet in July 2022. Just a day later, it hit its all-time high of $0.02167, dropping 67% since. The remaining coins are down between Coq Inu (COQ)’s 0.78% and Memecoin (MEME)’s 3.9%. The drop was a success with multiple pieces selling out, one in less than a minute, and over 65 editions sold within a week of going live.

Studio behind ‘early access’ crypto game Blankos Block Party banks monster $1.25B valuation from a16z

Blockparty coin news

By showcasing their work in Blockparty’s digital collectibles marketplace, artists and brands will be able to access new initial and recurring revenue streams and open themselves to new markets of avid collectors, Ginzburg said. A cryptocurrency created at the end of January utilizing GameStop’s name, logo and ticker rose more than 1,400% on Monday, according to CoinGecko data, despite having no How to buy Blockparty legitimate affiliation with the company. GameStop, a video game retailer that became one of the most recognizable memestocks, was a target of Gill’s when he rallied day traders on Reddit in an effort to squeeze the company’s short sellers more than two years ago. In meme coin news this week, the GME token recently came out of dormancy, recording significant gains over the past several days.

A Complete Ecosystem of Products for NFT Creators, Developers and Enterprise Brands

One of the reasons Mythical Games has struck a nerve with investors is that they’re a team of gaming industry veterans who are building a platform that is gameplay first, blockchain-based investment-platform second. The studio’s main title Blankos Block Party feels much less crypto-centric than other NFT titles. So Blockparty shifted into digital assets like fine art, musical festival passes, and sports paraphernalia. In sports, Blockparty had an early partnership with the Sacramento Kings NBA team. As the pandemic progressed, sports teams became a lot more interested in digital collectibles because they couldn’t sell merchandise to fans at games. A musician could, for example, collaborate with a digital artist and release a digital non-fungible token — a digital item that can be uniquely identified via blockchain watermarking.

  • Currently, the trader has multiplied his investment by 700% in four days, despite the debate about the prospects of meme coins.
  • The sausage dog-themed coin offers a suite of AI-powered trading tools and has already raised over $2 million in its presale.
  • In the wake of a 45% pullback from its March highs, investors are asking why the dogwifhat (WIF) price is crashing, with some investors flocking to a fun new AI meme coin Wiener AI (WAI).
  • An archaeological dig has uncovered two ancient Roman coins, among other remains, on a small island that measures just 3 miles in length.
  • Host a group drop on your own domain, complete with personalized branding and your own custom contract that’s yours to keep, courtesy of the Blockparty team.
  • There is evidence of other Roman buildings spread out over several hectares in this part of Alderney, indicating the presence of a “substantial” settlement, according to Monaghan.

The coins came to light during an ongoing excavation of a large Roman building located near Longis Bay on Alderney, one of the Channel Islands, which are British crown dependencies but not part of the United Kingdom. The archipelago lies just off the northern coast of France in the English Channel, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Great Britain from the European mainland. Trader euphoria stemming from the long-awaited return to social media by Keith Gill, the investor known for spearheading 2021’s memestock rally under the name of “Roaring Kitty,” has spilled over into the world of crypto. Fellow analysts ClayBro, Crypto Mischief, and Oscar Ramos also expect the new AI meme coin to succeed.

Blockparty coin news

Donald Trump’s MAGA Cap Sparks $60M Meme Coin, Nets Millionaire Trader 7X Return In 4 Days

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